Allxie Cleary

the x is silent

Learning piano

Coding with you. Hire me!

Collaborated on design and implementation for HomeLights

Ran first 10K


Top contributor to Scoop Technologies' customer dashboard backend

Architected and implemented metrics aggregation API

Developed and implemented agile/scrum process for Scoop's Customer team

Founding member of Scoop's Diversity & Inclusivity taskforce

Skied 25 days
Coded as a Backend Engineer for Scoop Technologies to take cars off the road

Traveled to Hong Kong, Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, France, and Spain


Lead maintainer for Way2B1 backend financial system product repo

Certified for and fell in love with agile/scrum

Took time off to recover from a non-scrum related injury

Moved into the tallest tower of a city landmark
Coder and Technical Project Manager at Way2B1
Climbed first v4
Wrote software at Way2B1 to convince billionaires to give more of their money away

Taught consent at three alternative sexuality conferences across the US


Graduated from General Assembly Web Development Immersive

TA'd web classes at General Assembly

Coded mission-driven websites for hire

Moved to San Francisco

Licensed for hypnotherapy to support stage hobby

Graduated from Hampshire College with a BA in "Problem Solving"
Learned to make pulled pork
Lived without plastic for a year, studied polution, and wrote Plass Backward
Blacksmithed a sword, fabricated ski polls
Founded company Swapshire out of a student coding project
Sang with the Gin & Tonics acapella group

Studied software, industrial design,

mechanical engineering, and social enrepreneurship

Wrote 250,000 words of fiction
Designed custom major at Hampshire